Sep 242012

Home Made Solution To Kill Stink Bugs

There are many home-made solutions to kill stink bugs.  I found this one on YouTube and thought you ought to try it out.  This video shared a trial made by Sebastian whose house has been swarmed with Stink bugs. Killing stink bugs with Soap is easy, affordable yet takes some time and, we do not actually deal with a much tougher task, which is catching the little bastards.


As you can see, there’s not much to it.

How it’s done?

Rough Stink Bug
Just fill a big container with 3/4 cup of dawn soap and hot water.

The biggest hurdle in this method is catching the stink bugs without getting sprayed.

Kill Stink Bugs With Soap Review

Is this method effective at killing stink bugs?

Is this method costly?

Will this method solve your stink bugs problem?
Probably not.

In order to get rid of stink bugs effectively you need to control their spread, while being able to catch and kill all existing stink bugs without being sprayed.

This method of killing stink bugs might get you entertained, but your house will not be stink bugs free.

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