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Stink Bugs In House Control tips

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Stink bugs in house presence in a nightmare. I remember finding the first one and soon there were more that followed. Stink bugs in house, Stink bugs in the gardens, no matter where I was,  these nasty baggers seem to come crawling from all over the place.  Stink bugs are invading our homes during the cold months searching for a warm hideout. Their presence can be annoying as they tend to leave a smelly signature that leads more stink bugs to the place. When threatened, stink bugs bite  and  my spray their foul odor trying to deter you from killing them.

Why are there Stink Bugs in my house?

Stink bugs spend the warm months out, in your garden, in nearby fields. Stink bugs eat the sap of plants, fruits vegetables causing costly damages to the agriculture industry as products turn unmarketable.
During cold months, stink bugs will invade home-made buildings, looking for warmth. In comparison to other over wintering pests you may find in your house, such as lady bugs, Stink bugs hide in your house for a long time. Given the right conditions, meaning finding suitable food and shelter in your house stink bugs will stay from as early as September to as late as mid June. That means a lot of smelly, inconvenient encounters with the smelly pests.

Prevent Stink Bugs in House Invasion

It’s not always easy finding stink bugs hideouts once they already are in your house. Stink bugs tend to hide in cracks, closets, crevices and other dark untouched areas of your house. So, prevention is a key strategy here. Here are some steps you can take to prevent stink bugs in house invasion:

  • Close all entry points such as windows, doors, pipes and other when possible.
  • Turn off all outdoor lights. Stink bugs are attracted to lights, and see that as a clear invitation to their winter party.
  • fix and damages to the walls, doors, windows, nets or any other small holes that may allow the bugs to enter you home.
  • Clean any foliage around your house that may be stink bugs hideout prior to getting in your house.
  • Check your garden often and try to find stink bugs and stink bugs eggs.
  • Knowing what stink bugs are attracted to will help you finding them. If you must, consider removing the plants that attracts them the most and switch it with other plants.
  • If you already have stink bugs in house, make sure you get rid of them, without them omitting their foul smell. If you house is already smelly, prepare to see a lot more of those smelly insects as this is a clear call for other stink bugs to follow. [suffusion-widgets id=’1′]

Stink bugs In House Treatment

Once stink bugs are in your house they can be hard to find. You may see some crawling on your floor or walls, find them in your clothes, underneath you bed sheets, but you won’t find them all, that’s why prevention is the key here.

If you already found Stink Bugs in you house, avoid crashing them, as you’re in for a very smelly treat, that is going to last a very long time.

Learn how to thoroughly get rid of stink bugs and reduce Stink Bugs in house presence.

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