Aug 102011

The Smelly Truth Behind Stinkbugs Smell

Do Stinkbugs Stink? There’s no real surprise that stinkbugs do stink. If you was ever unfortunate enough to touch one you know that truth smells. You remember that stench for a long time, and if you’re so mis-fortunate to react to the stinkbugs’ smelly chemicals you know that it can also be painful, itchy and overall very unpleasant that it is often been mistakenly described as a stink bug bite.

Do Stinkbugs Stink bad all the time?

Fortunately, Stinkbugs do not smell bad all the time, they only do so when threatened.

However, when that smell hits your nostrils it doesn’t bring back memories of peaceful, nostalgic childhood, it turns you guts around making you wish you never knew what  stinkbugs smell like.

Why Do Stinkbugs Stink?

skunk vs stink bugs

Much like skunks, stinkbugs use their nasty odor when they feel threatened to scare potential pray. Additionally Stinkbugs stink to high heaven when marking their territory. The Stink bugs smell attracts other stink bugs that there’s a good place to hide and mate so it is essential to remove stink bugs smell efficiently and rapidly.

How Do Stinkbugs Stink So Bad?

Stink bugs spray chemicals from special glands hidden in their thorax.

The stinkbugs spray their secretion from two glands allowing them to control the direction of discharge , and there is no real difference between the two sexes.

What Do Stinkbugs Stink Smell Like?

Smells are hard to define , so the only thing I could think of is collecting some testimonials.  People who were unfortunate to learn what Stinkbugs Stink like rank is like anything from skunk to cilantro. Some suggested they smell exactly like tung oil , a substance used to seal wood and slate counter-tops, while others went as far as describing it as Old Ever Green, poison Ivy ,Rubber, and rotten cheese

How To Avoid Stinkbugs smell?

The best way to avoid Stinkbugs Stink is by getting rid of stink bugs. Taking action will help you not only avoid the occasional unpleasant smell, but will also help prevent sting bug bites.

Learn how to remove stink bugs smell from your body, house and pets.

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs Smell?

Learn more on ways to get rid of stink bugs here.

Have you smelled a stink bug before? Please help us define the stink bug smell, in the comment section below.

  5 Responses to “Why And How Do Stinkbugs Stink”

  1. i think that stinkbugs smell like cat piss… though much RANKER (as if cat piss isn’t bad enough!!!)

    • Thank you I know we are having a bad stink bug season in our area and I keep smelling this strong urine smell in the vent. The cat litter box has been cleaned and it has been driving me crazy. Time to figure out how to get rid of them.

  2. I think stink bugs smell like pungent, sour, freshly mown grass!

  3. I recently was unfortunate enough to get leftover prime rib that was rotting… Stink bugs are very similar in odor. Also to prevent them from spraying and kill them use an aerosol like windex,lysol, or anything else with s pleasent smell not only will it drown them but it will also make the spot that they died in smell very nice for several hours to days afterwards. It also clogs their spraying glands

  4. It smelled more like mint to me and burned my face.

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